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At my mom's home getting ready to bake in her gas oven

At my mom's home getting ready to bake in her gas oven
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Boardwalk style pizza at market

At least in my opinion the boardwalk style pizzas went over well yesterday.  By about 4:30 PM the 11 dough balls were all used up to make the boardwalk style pizzas.  I know that isn’t a lot of pizzas, but it was raining heavily in our area yesterday morning until about 2:00 PM in the afternoon, so not near as many customers were at market up until that time.

My friend Dave that usually comes to my stand in the morning to talk me said he had to make me a little boardwalk sign for me.  In about a little over a minute he made me the little sign posted below.  I just made 2  small signs on the computer yesterday morning that said “New” Boardwalk style pizzas.  I had talked to the manager last week at market about that I might start to offer the boardwalk style of pizzas at market.  He said when I do, he will make announcements that I am selling them.  I told the manger that I have to try them out this week before I decide if I want to continue them and would let him know if I really start to offer them regularly, because I can’t predict how many dough balls to make yet until I see what customers think of them.  I thought that was even odd that the manager of market said he would make announcements over the loud speakers, because he wouldn’t even do that when I started making pizzas at market because he said it would be unfair to all the other stand holders.

The dough balls behaved well throughout the day, but I am not sure if I have the exact right formulation I want to use yet for the dough balls to get the rims to brown right and the bottom of the crust to brown right.  The bottom of the crust did brown better yesterday, but I would like a more even bottom browning.  The skins could be tossed and twirled without any problems, even though I still can’t toss the dough right yet.  The taste of the crust was good though yesterday and when cut the bottom crusts were crispy.  Steve and I were talking about increasing the TF a little more too, but I am not sure how much to increase the TF.

I didn’t measure out the weights of the cheese I used yesterday because I was just trying to figure out how much cheese should be applied.  I found out if too much cheese was applied that there was too much grease that wanted to pool in some places.

The pitcher Trenton Bill gave me worked well to apply the Gangi sauce.  I also have to learn how much sauce needs to be applied.  I had too big of a rim without sauce and cheese, but I am still in the process of learning about that.  Steve told me that I should just apply the Gangi sauce like I usually do with a ladle, but I told him then it wouldn’t really look like a boardwalk style of pizza without the spiral of the sauce.

I found it interesting that customers did notice that the pizzas were a boardwalk style.  I had different comments that the pizzas looked and tasted like a Grotto’s pizza.  I didn’t have any customers that have eaten a Mack’s pizza, but customers must have gone by my stand and thought the pizzas looked like Manco and Manco pizzas.   We had just finished selling the last slice of the boardwalk style pizzas and a lady came back and wanted a slice because she had walked by my stand earlier and had thought the slices looked like a Manco and Manco pizza.  I told her we were all out of dough balls, but would have more of that style of pizza to offer next week.  She said she would be back next week.  The one stand holder that ordered a whole boardwalk style of pizza last week for this week did come and purchase slices earlier in the day and also came back for the whole pizza.  She really likes the boardwalk style of pizza because she loves Grotto’s pizzas.  I had to laugh that customers do recognize that the pizzas did look like a boardwalk style of pizza, just because of the way the cheese and sauce are applied.

That Gangi sauce is redder in color than Steve and I had remembered too.  I think the flavor of the Gangi sauce is now very good.  The last picture is of the Gangi sauce on the left and my regular pizza sauce on the right.  It can be seen that the Gangi sauce really isn’t much darker in color than my regular pizza sauce.

I will see how these boardwalk style pizzas go over in the next few weeks, because I can’t make too many different types of dough balls, because then it is too hard to predict how many different doughs balls to make for any given Tuesday.



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