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Crust of Pizza
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Sicilian Pizza

Sicilian Pizza
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At my mom's home getting ready to bake in her gas oven

At my mom's home getting ready to bake in her gas oven
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Saturday, August 16, 2014

KA sourdough starter with IDY attempt for a NY style pizza in the Blackstone Pizza Oven

A dough was mixed with the KA sourdough starter and IDY.  The KA starter was added when it almost fell back to the original size before feeding.  I used something like Chau's formulation when he went back to his first love dough.  I changed the hydration, the salt amount, the IDY amount and the flour used.  I used GM Full Strength flour.  I know Chau is a much better person to be able work with a higher hydration dough for a NY style pizza than I am, in using the higher hydration he used in combination with oil.  That is why I used a lower hydration.  I also used cold water right out of the fridge.  The KA starter was whisked into the water and the IDY and salt were added to the flour before incorporating them into the KA starter water. The KA starter and IDY dough was very sticky coming out of the mixer bowl.  It took awhile of doing stretch and folds and rests to get the dough to be less sticky.  The dough felt very nice before it was balled.  The dough ball has been cold fermenting since last evening.  It will remained to be seen how well the dough ball opens.  

The formulation is posted below.  The two photos of the KA starter were taken before the KA starter had increased to its fullest in activity after feeding.  It was darker inside so I did not take a photo of what the KA starter looked like before it was whisked into the water.

The KA sourdough starter and IDY dough ball looked like it had about doubled in size until I got home from market today.  I put the dough ball into the oven with the light on to warm it up faster.  I got the toppings ready and then went outside to turn the motor on for the Blackstone.  I had checked the propane tank and it seemed a little low in propane because the tank was light.  I then had to take the propane tank off of the BBQ grill and hook it to the hose on the Blackstone.  I thought a breaker must have tripped in my shed because the motor did not want to run at all.  I tried another extension cord, but that did fix the problem of the motor not running.  I then took the Blackstone top apart and tried to run the motor without the key or top platter.  It ran and turned with the key in.  I then checked the bearings mod and it was dry.  I got some grease and greased the bearings.  Not to take any more chances, (since it soon would start getting dark) I put my regular pizza stone on the platter instead of the firebricks.  The Blackstone heated up faster than I thought it would.  I turned the heat down a little and went inside to open the dough ball and dress the pie.  The poppy seed spacing then showed the dough ball more than doubled in size.

The KA starter and IDY dough ball opened like a dream into a skin.  The pizza was dressed with a new mozzarella, my regular sauce from market and Ciao pepperoni.  When I got back outside the temperature on the pizza stone was a little higher than I wanted, but thought I don't want the pie to stick to the wooden peel.  

The pizza baked well with good oven spring.  The flavor of the crust was very good and different than other pies I have made.  The inside of rim crust was very moist and the edges of the rim crust were nice and a little bit crisp (something like an eggshell but not exactly).  I guess the KA sourdough starter and IDY crust “knocked my socks off, and made my toes wiggle”.   8)

Thanks Chau for us about finding your first love again and sharing your formulation!  I don't know if I have found mine, but the pie sure was good



  1. You are a master! This pizza is making me so HUNGRY. You make it sound like such an easy thing to do. Of course after all those years, I'm sure it's easy for you. You do give an easy to follow way of making pizza though. I have to give it to you, I'm impressed.

    Gerald Vonberger | http://www.chicagodeepdishpizza.com/en/about_us.html

    1. Sorry Gerald Vonberger that I missed your post. I am never sure when I try a new dough formulation what will happen. I just enjoy seeing what will happen to any doughs. The heat of the ovens used and also the types can make many different kinds of pizzas. Of course different toppings can make a big difference to. My signature is I am always learning and probably always will be.