There are so many variables that go into making a PIZZA. The hydration of the dough, flour, yeast and many more.. Amounts of any kind of yeast in a pizza can make a big difference. Most recipes posted on the web, use too much yeast in their recipes. What I have found out so far, is either bulk fermenting the dough or cold fermenting the dough will give a better flavor in the crust. I am still experimenting to find different flavors in the crust of pies. In my opinion pizza is all about the best flavor you can achieve in a crust. I still am on the journey about flavors in the crust. Even differences in temperatures in you home or times of the year can influence how much yeast to use. If you want a pizza to develop flavors in the crust, there are many ways to go about achieving this.


Preferment for Lehmann Dough Pizzas

Crust of Pizza

Crust of Pizza
Rim of Preferment Lehmann Formula

Adventure in Pizza Making

There are many ways to go about trying to make any kind of pizzas you want to create. PIZZA making is fun and also you get to eat your finished product. I learned to make all my pizza on http://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php If you look on pizzamaking.com you can see all the beautiful creations of pizzas members make on this site. Members and moderators help members and guests achieve almost any kind of pizzas they want to create. Since joining this site, my pizza making skills have gone from non-existent to something much better. I invite you to take a look at this site.

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Sicilian Pizza

Sicilian Pizza
Sicilian Pizza with Preferment for Lehmann Dough

At my mom's home getting ready to bake in her gas oven

At my mom's home getting ready to bake in her gas oven
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

White Pizza, Lehmann dough

This is just another white pizza made with my same one day cold fermented Lehmann dough. I still find it interesting how the rim crust bakes differently on white pizzas than my regular cheese or meat pizzas.


Another Sicilian pizza made with the regular Lehmann dough

This was another Sicilian pizza made with my regular Lehmann dough which the dough ball was just scaled big enough for my steel pan. The Sicilian pizza from the Lehmann dough is very good. I think that any Lehmann dough could be used for a Sicilian pizza. I used corn oil to oil the steel pan.


Trying experiment with Freekeh flour..interesting

Freekehlicious sent me some samples of the freekeh flour to experiment with in making pizzas.


I wanted to try the Freekeh flour to see what would happen, I didn’t think the Freekeh flour could be used alone without another flour. I mixed a higher hydration dough (74%) with 100.34 grams of GM Full Strength flour and 70 grams of the Freekeh flour. I thought the Freekeh flour might absorb more water. I guess it did, because the dough doesn’t feel too sticky. The dough was mixed with the flat beater only in my Kitchen Aid mixer. I also used 2.0% salt and ADY.

The dough did feel like it developed some gluten, but I don’t know if the dough developed enough gluten to make a pizza.

This is how the GM Full Strength/ Freekeh pizza turned out Tuesday. It was very tasty with a moist rim and had a much different taste than any other pizza I tasted before.

The dressings used for this pizza were apple wood smoked bacon that was baked in the deck oven, my regular sauce and cheese blend and also Vermont Smoked Pepperoni. The apple wood smoked bacon sure went well with the Vermont Smoked Pepperoni and the crust.

The dough was easy to open and I didn’t seem to have any problems with the dough at all.

If anyone is interested what can be done with the Freekeh flour this is the thread were I am experimenting with using the Freekah flour that was given samples to test.



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Two Bill's" pizza again in a 12"x17" steel pan from Pete-zza's formulation..very tasty!

The “Two Bill’s” pizza really turned out well this week. I don’t know if it was from having accurate weights to follow, or a combination of that and the mixing method I used. I never knew Kyrol flour could make such a tender and moist pizza. The crumb just melted in my mouth and it reminded me of my best Pizzarium attempt, in that the crumb was springy and light. Of course Bill’s method for preparing the Carmelina San Marzano’s tomatoes, also made this pizza very good. The Vermont Smoked pepperoni didn’t hurt either.

For the “Two Bill’s” pizza the AMPI mild cheddar (mostly all cheddar) was used with a blend of my two regular mozzarellas. Greek oregano was sprinkled on the top before the bake. I think another thing that made the “Two Bill’s” pizza so good was when I baked the apple wood bacon, I used my blackbuster round steel pan to catch the drippings (fat) from the apple wood smoked bacon and then saved the fat drippings to grease the 12”x17” steel pan. The fat drippings were clear.

I like to watch how a dough ball ferments, and as can been seen after “Two Bill’s” dough ball fermented for two days how it changed in being a rough looking dough ball into a smooth looking dough ball.


Thanks for doing the formulation for me to follow.