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Crust of Pizza
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Sicilian Pizza
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At my mom's home getting ready to bake in her gas oven

At my mom's home getting ready to bake in her gas oven
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another Attempt for a Fairmont Bagel Pizza 12/14/2010

This is the second experiment I am doing with the milk kefir poolish starter.  I had wanted to see if the milk kefir starter could be left to ferment, then refrigerated and then taken out to ferment again, before it is incorporated into the final dough.  So far in the first experiment the milk kefir poolish does seem to hibernate, when placed into the refrigerator.  Then when it is placed in the oven with the light on it quickly comes to life.

I am going to make another bagel dough today with the milk kefir poolish I had refrigerated.  I will bake the pizza Tuesday.  I also am going to up the hydration of the dough and will measure how much more water is needed.

The reason I am doing these experiments is to see if a milk kefir poolish could be left to ferment, then refrigerated for different varying amounts of days and still be used in the final dough to make a decent pizza.  If this works, I could then let the milk kefir poolish ferment one day and then maybe on another day, make the final dough at market.  In theory this sounds good to me, but at this time I don’t know how it will work.
Pictures below of milk kefir poolish before it went back into the oven with the light on.


I made this milk kefir poolish bagel dough yesterday.  I just want to note what I did different to see what these experiments might produce. I will list what I did different.

1.  I used 150 grams of KASL and 95 grams of durum flour mixed in sifter
2.  I wanted to see if a longer mix time at high speeds would affect this dough.  I mixed on speed                               10 of my Kitchen Aid Professional Pro mixer for 20 minutes.
3.  Let dough autolyse for 25 minutes.
4.  Added salt and oil and mixed on speed 10 for10 more minutes.
5.  This dough is very sticky, as can been seen in the pictures.  It almost looks like a cake dough.
6.  I measured the grams this time of 2 medium brown eggs and the weight was 105 grams
7.  Left dough bulk ferment for 3 hrs. and balled or stretch and folded dough 4 times.
8.  Balled with oil and left dough ball ferment at ambient room temperatures for 1 more hour
9.  This milk kefir poolish was made and then refrigerated and then taken out of the refrigerator  
     to warm before making this dough.

Some of my conclusions for this experiment are this milk keifr bagel dough can be mixed at high speeds for a very long time and still get oven spring and also bake into a decent pizza.  This bagel dough pizza was a white pizza and I used the recipe for the dressing that Bill gave for a Big Bob’s Gibson’s BBQ White Sauce. Thanks Bill, the white BBQ sauce was really good on this pizza. :)  I did also dressed this pie with mozzarella after putting the white BBQ sauce on the opened skin.

I don’t know about other doughs, but this dough was really sticky and almost looked like a cake batter.  It with-stood all the rigorous mixing.  I now wonder how many kinds of doughs can be mixed for a very long time.

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