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Crust of Pizza
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Sicilian Pizza
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At my mom's home getting ready to bake in her gas oven

At my mom's home getting ready to bake in her gas oven
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Trying another formula for making a foccacia type Sfincione that Toby helped me with the starter 1/30/2010

Tried another formula for making a foccacia type Sfincione .  This time the formula water is 85% hydration.  Measurements for all ingredients are percent of the flour.
I decided to mix the dough by hand a give three riposos and then let the dough ferment for 24 hours at room temperature.
There are 3 flours going into this foccacia type Sfincione.   Caputo, KAAP, and durum flour Bob1 had brought me last Saturday. There is less durum flour than the Caputo and KAAP.  I am also using one of the natural starters Toby helped me with.  The starter is first Rye, then after activated added high-gluten, then a little VWG, and finally now being fed wheat flour.  There were a couple of grains of IDY added to help the dough to rise.

This is what the dough looks like after taking out of the container.  The dough was easy to take out.  I just used a spatula and helped it into the pan.  The dough then was easy to spread in the pan with my fingers.  I hope this pan is the right kind to use for this pie.  I am going to let the dough ferment for an hour or longer and then prebake or parbake (still not sure which term to use), before adding the dressing and then finish baking. Still am not sure if I made enough dough for this size pan.

The Sfincione type pie that was made today was tasty.  The pie was first parbake or (prebaked) for about 7 minutes.  It was then dressed with mozzarella, sauce, and then bread crumbs that were mixed with olive oil, oregano, and Italian seasonings.  The pie was baked at 450 degrees F or about 25 minutes.  The crust still didn’t brown enough, so it was taken out of the oven, cut with a scissors and put on a screen to make the bottom crust browner.

In conclusion, although this pie was tasty, I think I would have parbaked it longer.  The pie seemed to rise very well while parbaking, but after the toppings were added and baked, again it seemed to lower the height of the pie.  I am not sure if this contributed to a lower pie or if I needed more dough.

This is the formula I used for this pie.

Measurement percent of flour      3rd foccacia attempt

Total Formula:
Flour (100%):    475.01 g  |  16.76 oz | 1.05 lbs
Water (85%):    403.76 g  |  14.24 oz | 0.89 lbs
Salt (2.7%):    12.83 g | 0.45 oz | 0.03 lbs | 2.3 tsp | 0.77 tbsp
Total (187.7%):   891.6 g | 31.45 oz | 1.97 lbs | TF = 0.1456

note: KAAP 138.35 g    Caputo 257.66 g   Durum 79.00 g

Preferment: Natural Starter   rye-wine 5g used Caputo to feed
Flour:    5.49 g | 0.19 oz | 0.01 lbs
Water:    11.14 g | 0.39 oz | 0.02 lbs
Total:    16.63 g | 0.59 oz | 0.04 lbs

Final Dough:
Flour:    469.52 g | 16.56 oz | 1.04 lbs
Water:    392.62 g | 13.85 oz | 0.87 lbs
Salt:    12.83 g | 0.45 oz | 0.03 lbs | 2.3 tsp | 0.77 tbsp
Preferment:    16.63 g | 0.59 oz | 0.04 lbs
Total:    891.6 g | 31.45 oz | 1.97 lbs  | TF = 0.1456

If anyone is interested in reading this whole thread about Sfincione, it is a long thread, but has interesting information in the long thread.


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