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Sicilian Pizza
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another attempt at a Mack's pizza 8/2012

The dough ball looked normal to me yesterday and Steve did weight it before we made the Mack’s attempt. Steve said to me he didn’t see how I got so confused about the TF on Monday night. I explained the story of why I thought I might have be confused. The dough ball weighed 1 ¼ lbs. We also weighed the shredded AMPI mild white cheddar before it was applied and it was 8 oz. We didn’t weight the Ganig sauce, but sure thinned it down a lot. I thought it looked neat how the thin sauce just blends in with the cheddar.

Kyrol flour and a lower TF were used for this experiment.

The dough ball sure opened well, and could be tossed and twirled with no problems. The pizza baked fine, but there were a little too much crisp to the bottom crust for Steve and me. The slices sure were thin, at least in our opinions. The crust did taste much better than the last slices of Mack’s pizza I had though.

I find this whole process interesting, because I really don’t think we would have had to applied the whole 8 ounces of cheese and with the sauce being so thin, would think this would be a much cheaper way of making an 18” pizza with less cheese and also less sauce (when it is thinned down). I am curious about who might have come up with this idea for applying cheese and sauce. Whoever came up with these ideas sure knew what they were doing.


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