There are so many variables that go into making a PIZZA. The hydration of the dough, flour, yeast and many more.. Amounts of any kind of yeast in a pizza can make a big difference. Most recipes posted on the web, use too much yeast in their recipes. What I have found out so far, is either bulk fermenting the dough or cold fermenting the dough will give a better flavor in the crust. I am still experimenting to find different flavors in the crust of pies. In my opinion pizza is all about the best flavor you can achieve in a crust. I still am on the journey about flavors in the crust. Even differences in temperatures in you home or times of the year can influence how much yeast to use. If you want a pizza to develop flavors in the crust, there are many ways to go about achieving this.


Preferment for Lehmann Dough Pizzas

Crust of Pizza

Crust of Pizza
Rim of Preferment Lehmann Formula

Adventure in Pizza Making

There are many ways to go about trying to make any kind of pizzas you want to create. PIZZA making is fun and also you get to eat your finished product. I learned to make all my pizza on http://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php If you look on pizzamaking.com you can see all the beautiful creations of pizzas members make on this site. Members and moderators help members and guests achieve almost any kind of pizzas they want to create. Since joining this site, my pizza making skills have gone from non-existent to something much better. I invite you to take a look at this site.

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Sicilian Pizza

Sicilian Pizza
Sicilian Pizza with Preferment for Lehmann Dough

At my mom's home getting ready to bake in her gas oven

At my mom's home getting ready to bake in her gas oven
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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Organic Whole Wheat Detroit style pizza with emergency dough

This attempt for a Detroit style pizza was made by using an emergency dough and from the time the dough ball was formed until the pizza was baked the time was 2 hours.

This is the report about what happened when using Organic Sprouted Wheat Grain Wheat Flour and an emergency dough with the Grande cheese blend. The experiment worked out well in my opinion.

The skin in the steel pan was dressed exactly 2 hrs. after the dough ball was formed. The plastic lid was kept on the steel pan the whole time the dough was tempering. The dough with the organic wheat flour was very easy to press out with my fingers. I had put the steel pan on my one burner where it wasn’t really hot on top of my oven while it was heating to let it temper faster. The pizza stone was on the bottom rack and the oven was heated for an hour. The temperature of the pizza stone was 492 degrees F when I put the pizza into the oven. The dough tempered in the steel pan and I probably could have left it temper more, but I wanted to see if a decent Detroit style pizza could be made in 2 hrs. with this flour.

I used 4.8 ounces of the Classico tomato sauce with herbs and Kosher salt added.

I still don’t know if other cheeses can be used to make the nice caramelized edges, but the Grande blend did work.

The first picture of the pizza in the oven was taken when the edge cheeses started to brown. The second picture with the edges browning more was taken a little later. The final bake time was 12 minutes 28 seconds and some odd seconds.

I don’t think it really matters, but the final bake weight of this pizza was 618 grams.

The crumb of this Detroit style pizza wasn’t as airy as some of my crumbs, but the nutty taste of the crumb was excellent in my opinion. The crumb was also very soft.


Two More Detroit style pizzas, one with frozen dough ball

These were two more Detroit style pizzas made this past Tuesday.  The one was made with a frozen dough ball that had 1% IDY in the formulation to be able to use it quickly and also to take care of any yeast that might be killed in the freezing process.

Both of these Detroit style pizzas were cheese and pepperoni.  AMPI mild white cheddar and 2 mozzarellas were used as the cheeses with the cheddar being spread on the edges and also a little on the rest of the pizzas. 

Both of these Detroit style pizzas turned out good, but the better one was the one from the frozen dough ball.  I had oiled the steel pans with corn oil for the first pizza and canola oil for the second pizza.  I don't know if it was the canola oil that gave the bottom and crisper bottom or not.

It snowed in our area for the first time this year.


First Pizza

Frozen Dough Ball Pizza