There are so many variables that go into making a PIZZA. The hydration of the dough, flour, yeast and many more.. Amounts of any kind of yeast in a pizza can make a big difference. Most recipes posted on the web, use too much yeast in their recipes. What I have found out so far, is either bulk fermenting the dough or cold fermenting the dough will give a better flavor in the crust. I am still experimenting to find different flavors in the crust of pies. In my opinion pizza is all about the best flavor you can achieve in a crust. I still am on the journey about flavors in the crust. Even differences in temperatures in you home or times of the year can influence how much yeast to use. If you want a pizza to develop flavors in the crust, there are many ways to go about achieving this.


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Crust of Pizza
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There are many ways to go about trying to make any kind of pizzas you want to create. PIZZA making is fun and also you get to eat your finished product. I learned to make all my pizza on http://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php If you look on pizzamaking.com you can see all the beautiful creations of pizzas members make on this site. Members and moderators help members and guests achieve almost any kind of pizzas they want to create. Since joining this site, my pizza making skills have gone from non-existent to something much better. I invite you to take a look at this site.

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Sicilian Pizza

Sicilian Pizza
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At my mom's home getting ready to bake in her gas oven

At my mom's home getting ready to bake in her gas oven
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

August's Monthly Challenge-I made a Waffle Iron Pizza

I decided to try something unconventional for a pizza  Since I like to experiment in different ways, I decided to try out my waffle iron for a pizza oven.  Since it does heat on the top and bottom evenly, I thought I would give it a go for a pizza oven.  The temperature on the waffle iron can get a over 500 degrees F.

For this month’s challenge I made a BBQ pizza in my Waffle Iron.  Toppings were homemade BBQ sauce, cooked chicken thigh, added to simmering BBQ sauce, fresh peppers from my garden sauteed in olive oil and fresh grape tomatoes from my garden.

I removed a small dough ball from my freezer and time defrosted the dough ball  in my microwave and then left it on my kitchen table for about 1 hour.  I wasn’t sure how this bake was going to go in the waffle iron and had my reservations about the dough sticking to the waffle iron.  I thought maybe if oiled the plates with olive oil that was good for grilling that might work, to keep the dough from sticking.  I did oil both plates with a pastry brush.  I then let the Waffle Iron get hot. The temperature of my Waffle Iron taken with the IR gun was 520 degrees F. The dough was floured some and then also oiled with olive oil.  When I place the skin in the Waffle Iron it quickly started to rise. After baking for a little while I was wondering if both sides were getting baked evenly.  I checked on the bottom and it seemed to be baking well.  I rotated this pie a few times with two forks and then closed the lid on the Waffle Iron.  After I thought the pie was baked enough, I removed it with forks from the Waffle Iron.  I then placed the pie on a metal peel and dressed the pie.  The pie was dressed with BBQ sauce that was made from corn syrup, molasses,  tomato paste, Colgin liquid smoke, vinegar, mustard seed, salt, pineapple juice, garlic, some chili powder and a little bit of Kitchen Bouquet to give it a browner color. None of these ingredients were weighed out. I just put different ingredients into a pan. Then mozzarella was added with sauteed peppers from my garden and also grape tomatoes from my garden.  The broiler of my oven was then turned on and I finished baking this pie in the broiler so the cheese would melt and also the rim would brown better.

In my opinion this was the most different pie I had tasted to this date.  The crust was moist and the tangy BBQ sauce with chicken combined with the peppers and grape tomatoes were tasty.

After trying out this waffle iron as a pizza oven, I saw how fast this dough could rise with using even top and bottom heat.  The dough really want to puff and rise fast.  I had to close the lid tighter so the side wouldn’t become uneven and also because the middle of this pizza would have also been too thick.  After doing this experiment for a pizza using the Waffle Iron, I then thought about a Panini grill I used to own when I had my funnel cake stand.  That grill had flat plates and a floating head. I did use a Panini grill in another pizza challenge.  I will post results about that at a future date.  I really like to try different ways to make pizzas.


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