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At my mom's home getting ready to bake in her gas oven

At my mom's home getting ready to bake in her gas oven
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Monday, November 22, 2010

One Day Trip to New York City to Taste Keste's Pizzas and others :)

I had posted this same write-up on pizzamaking.com. Members on pizzamaking.com were giving me ideas where to try pizzas, but my time was too limited to try too many. If anyone is interested, this is how my one day trip to NYC was Saturday.

My daughter and I left yesterday morning and headed to NYC.  The traffic was fine, until we got closer to NYC.  When we are almost near NYC, we usually take the Pulaski Skyway to get near the Holland Tunnel.  Every time I go to NYC, I still marvel at the tunnels that can take you into NYC.  I can’t believe they built these so many years ago and how they have lasted all these years.  Both the Holland and Lincoln tunnels are only two lanes.  When we were getting near the Holland Tunnel, there were signs saying the Pulaski Skyway was closed.  We had a GPS and could have went another way, but it said we could follow a detour.  We decided to try the detour.  That was a mistake.  There were some disabled cars along the detour and had traffic backed-up for a long while.  I posted in my one post that it can take anywhere from 2 ½ hrs to around 3 ½ hrs. for us to drive to NYC, from our area.  Well yesterday because of the Pulaski Skyway being closed it took us more than 4 hrs. to get to NYC.  I have posted pictures in order of what we had time to do for the day.  I will try to explain in order what we did.      

After all the traffic-back ups, going into the Holland Tunnel wasn’t too bad.  We then went though a small part of Tribeca, until we arrived at Canal St. in Chinatown.  From there we proceeded to the Williamsburg bridge to take us to Woodside, Queens.  Next to Woodside is Astoria Queens.  We parked near 46th St. and Broadway.  At 46th and Broadway with took the R train to Times Square, Manhattan.  Those trains (subways) still amaze me also, especially the one that are built underground.  If anyone hasn’t ever been on a subway they would be in for a treat.  They can go very fast and when going around corners they sound like they are going to jump the tracks.  The first time I ever took a subway, I fell into the lap of a woman went it took off from a dead start. They also take off very fast and if you aren’t used to riding the trains, you better hold on.  Many times hen I was on a train there are various people that try to perform for money.  They don’t usually bother anyone, and some of them are good.  Yesterday there was an older man that said he was homeless and was singing “Under The Boardwalk” and other songs.  He just went on his merry way with a hat stretch out if anyone wanted to donated money to him.

We arrived in Times Square and 42 nd St. and left the train there.  We then went above ground.  The day in NYC was beautiful.  It wasn’t too windy or cold.  We then walked to Sullivan St. Bakery, that is owned by Jim Lahey.  I didn’t want to eat too much there because we still had the rest of the day to eat in NYC.  My daughter had a piece of Pizza Bianco and I had a piece of Pizza Cavoltiore.  My piece of Pizza Cavoltiore was delicious.  I didn’t want to purchase too much there because I would need to carry it around all day, but I did purchase a loaf of Walnut Raisin Bread.

Then we walked back to Port Authority to meet my youngest daughter.  When in NYC, you can purchase a one day train MTA card for 8.25 to ride limitless on the train for all day.  You just swipe them at each station before getting on the train.

We all then proceeded to go towards Keste’s on A train.  After we got off the train we went by Joe’s pizza.  We arrived at Keste’s and it looked full inside, but there was a table for us.  I asked the waiter if I could take pictures.  He said I could.  After we ordered, I asked the waiter if I could take pictures of the oven.  He said I could.  I then talked to Roberto Caporuscio.  He was very nice and explained some things about his pizzas and oven temperatures.  He also held up his dough balls for me to take a picture.  I told him I also made pizzas and had a small market stand that I only operated one day a week making pizza.  I was also amazed of how fast his oven baked the pizzas.  After we were finished eating, I went back and thanked him for how delicious his pizzas tasted.  He gave me one of this business cards and said to call him, if I needed help.  I asked him what kind of flour he used to make his pizzas.  I told him my oven wouldn’t get high enough to use the flour he used.  I told Roberto, I was on pizzamaking.com and was going to post the pictures I took, if he didn’t mind.  Roberto said that was okay to post pictures.  He is very passionate about making pizza and could make pizzas very fast. The one picture is of my grandson with some of Roberto sauce around his mouth.  We were lucky we arrived when we did.  When we left there were people waiting outside to get into Keste’s.

I then wanted to try a pizza at John’s, but the line was too long and my 2 ½ year old grandson, would of had a hard time waiting in such a long line.  John’s will have to wait until another day.

We then proceeded to walk back to Joe’s pizza.  I had also wanted to try Joe’s pizza.  I just bought one slice.

We stopped at a couple different places in the area and try out some popsicles at popbar, right next to Joe’s.  They also were very good.

By then it was time to take the train back to Port Authority.  We could have taken the R train when we arrived there, but decided to go above ground and look around some more. Sometimes when you are going from one place to get another train underground there are performers.  Sometimes they are also good.  Yesterday there were a group of performers near Times Square underground.  They were good.   I saw this one pizza place near Times Square that sold pizzas for .99.  We walked the streets near Times Square and went into a couple of shops.  We then took the R train back to Astoria, Queens.  I took a few of pictures at Astoria Park, of the city, looking across the East River.  It was then back on the journey home.  That was my trip for one day.

I had a good time in NYC Saturday and did get to taste some delicious pizza. :)


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