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Sicilian Pizza
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Barf Pizza..lol, it wasn't the pizza mixes fault 8/7/2012

These are the pictures of the mystery dough pie I tried to make at market Tuesday. The whole experiment went terribly wrong. Since I usually post pictures of experiments even when they go wrong, this one isn’t any different. From the time I mixed this dough until I wanted to make the final pizza was supposed to be an hour, instead of 5-10 minutes that was recommend. The total time until I could make this pizza was over 3 hrs. That was too long to ferment the dough at high room temperatures. The dough was so over fermented that I had a hard time opening the dough.

I also wanted to add some fresh veggies, but Steve wasn’t too thrilled about adding fresh tomatoes, so I put all the veggies in some garlic infused herb oil to mask the tomato flavor. After thinking about it until recently, I think the reason this pizza looked like someone barfed on it was I didn’t drain enough of the garlic infused herb oil off of the veggies enough. The garlic herb oil veggies in combination with all cheddar was too much fat for this pizza. The resulting crumb of this pizza was also really off I think from the long fermentation time.

The only reasons why I purchased the Weis pizza crust mix was it was only .79, it had a chemical leavening system in combination with active dry yeast, dextrose was an ingredient and also had a nonfat milk product in the mix. I thought those ingredients sounded interesting.

This is one pizza that did turn out terribly wrong..lol


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